Khalia’s collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets is influenced by a myriad of colours, movements and expressions from her dance life. Inspired by ideas and materials from across the globe, as well as costume and fashion design throughout the ages, she skillfully incorporates these into her creations. 

Khalia has worked in the ByWard Market since 1980 and has been resident there for the past 30 years. Growing up in an artistic household with her textile artist Mom, she started Ear Gear in 1986 as an outdoor booth on William Street’s Artist Alley, while working on a science degree in Biology. Self-taught in a variety of art and craft media that include jewellery-making, millinery, photography, film and printmaking, Khalia started designing and making earrings because there was nothing out there for her unpierced ears! Her business has grown and evolved through several ByWard Market locations into Eclection (55 ByWard Market Square) where quality, handmade, Canadian pieces are sold including her own collection, Cirque.